Posted by: christiandenicolo | 23/04/2012

Summit Mt. Ararat!

Summit! Vi mando un saluto direttamente dalla cima del Mt. Ararat! (Con la tecnologia moderna tutto è possibile!)

Più tardi vi racconterò di più! :-D


  1. hi there…
    thanks for your getting back to us, just wanted to contact wp. If you would add me to this blog, i would put everything in order again,
    thanks :-)

  2. unfortunately Christian Denicolò has no email address with this real name given in it, the only proof I can give is this picture of me and him…
    I hope you trust me that I am the author of this blog.

    • Okey :))) Hey, i am really sorry for this crazy mistake. Tell to Christian that i am very sorry pls. I will give you username and password below.

      Thanks !

  3. Hi there, don’t be sorry, for sure Christian left his blog unattended or not logged out or open…. Thanks for being so kind and getting back to us!
    Greetz, Ingrid

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